Abous Us


Our vision :
 To be a school that can be recognized for its success and innovativeness in the world.

Our mission : 
To constantly and prominently increase the value of our worth to our shareholds ( our students, our team, parents, graduates, society and environment )

Our success story started with the foundation of our school by Mr. Yunus Gündoğdu in 1988. Havşng started its journey with 86 students, AGK is one of the strongest and most effective educational institutes with its population approaching 2000 distinctive students, more than 1000 successful graduates, hundreds of employees committed to education and by founding and directing the first educational Research & Development center in Turkey, being visited and recognized by South Korean, German and American ambassadors and many other foreign and local guests, leading the EU change and cultural projects, having regional and national success in exams and sports activities, we confidently move on.


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