Friday, 20 February 2015

Asya Sarıcoşkun's ICP Writing Assignment about the book "The Penang File"

1) The Big Man can kill munro.
2) Munro found the Bigman. 

3) Munro said  Am I going to die ? 
4 ) Then everything went dark.

5) Munro a wake up and munro looked at the time. 

6) Munro called Abdullah and he talked Abdullah. 

7) Munro run from his room and out of hotel. 

8) The Big Man had agun.

9) Munro turned fast to his right and run.

10) Munro stopped Sergio After Munro learnt Sergios life story.

Sena Barbaros's Icp Writig Assignment

Alcohol Should Be Illegal

I think alcohol should be illegal because it is unnecessary.
Alcohol is bad for us because it is bad for our healty.In my opinion  cigarettes too.I don’t understand why people loves so much cigarettes and alcohol! Some peope says ‘When I drink alcohol or cigarettes I’m very happy!’ How happy? How can people say this ?
Additionally, in my country alcohol cause the murder.Which person can explain to me how alcohol makes happy people? Let’s think, alcohol is illegal.What a wonderful world! No problem,no bad healty ; more healty,more happines.

Sena Barbaros 

From 11/A Zeynep Fatma İlba's ICP Writing Assignment about Unicownia


 Inecornia is a place with the creatures called “unicows” in there. Unicow means “inecorn” in Turkish. Unıcows are usual cows like unicorns. So the word “unicow” comes from “cow” and “unıcorn”. They’re milk is like rainbow so Unicownia is a place with rainbows and with cotton candies as trees. There are unicows everywhere! And when you open your mouth you can taste milk which has rainbow sprinkles inside of it. Unicownia smells like cotton candy and marshmallow. You can feel the soft air as the second you walk in to the Unicownia. You can hear unicows making weird noises everywhere. Unicownia is the heaven of the unicows .

Zeynep Fatma İLBA

From 9/A Helin Karakuş's ICP Writing Assignment

It’s a country. I am the founder and the president of the country.Everyone likes me in the country.USH is really big. 2000 km from north to south. 1000 km from east to west. There are roses, flowers, candies and sweet animals everywhere. Buildings are not grey their colours are the colours of rainbow. It is a sweet country because of flowers, everywhere smells very good like lavander.
If you come to the USH you can hear bird’s and dog’s voices everywhere. You can eat amazing foods like meets or vegetables(they are organic) and they also delicious. The weather in the country makes you feel fresh and happy. United States of Helen is a sweet, happy and peaceful country.

Helin Karakuş