Friday, 20 February 2015

From 11/A Zeynep Fatma İlba's ICP Writing Assignment about Unicownia


 Inecornia is a place with the creatures called “unicows” in there. Unicow means “inecorn” in Turkish. Unıcows are usual cows like unicorns. So the word “unicow” comes from “cow” and “unıcorn”. They’re milk is like rainbow so Unicownia is a place with rainbows and with cotton candies as trees. There are unicows everywhere! And when you open your mouth you can taste milk which has rainbow sprinkles inside of it. Unicownia smells like cotton candy and marshmallow. You can feel the soft air as the second you walk in to the Unicownia. You can hear unicows making weird noises everywhere. Unicownia is the heaven of the unicows .

Zeynep Fatma İLBA

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