Thursday, 8 January 2015


                                                        Control Yourself

       Alcohol can be dangerous for us. Not just for drunk people, for all of us. Alcohol is reason of the worst decisions. It causes car accidents, it causes health problems, it causes addiction. Okay, this is the dark side of drinking alcohol. Alcohol is not our enemy if we keep it under control. Alcohol is becoming more attractive and popular, when it’s illegal. We love doing thing that’s illegal. Most of young people use alcohol because of that. They think if they use alcohol or cigarettes, they’ll be cool. Drinking alcohol at special nights like birthdays isn’t that horrible. There’s no problem having a little bit fun and if you are nervous about something, alcohol can keep you calm. I’m quite nervous all time. Alcohol saved me at these times. So I think alcohol can be legal but with some limits.
Cansu  Tekin

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