Tuesday, 6 January 2015


In my opinion alcohol should be illegal. Even if some people only get alcohol in fun night outs,alcohol is anyways harmful for our body. It harms our immune system,which the effects can cause non-escapable results. It gives us a huge amount of brain damage.
Even many of the people who get alcohol more than for just fun,they cause problems&damages in their lifes&relations,which there might be no forgiving or healing,sooner or later.

I personally think alcohol shouldn’t be sold,or the amount of alcohol that’s sold should be less per periods. Also the alcohol that is sold in th restaurants or cafés should have a limit aswell.
But it’s not all about alcohol. There are also so many other things that effect our body in bad way.  There are so many other things that take our happiness and joy away. For examle CIGARETTE! Finally I wanted to talk about cigarette aswell because I shared my hopes and trust with my dad when I was trying to help him quit smoking. When he was smoking, he was always so tired,stressed,and on his nerves! But one day I got so angry with him. That day he decided to quit smoking. It took “us” a few months. But now it has been a wholw 7 years. Even if unfortunately my mum is stil smoking,I saved my first love,my hero!


Written on:19.12.2014

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