Wednesday, 15 April 2015

Control of inherited characteristics and environmental factors, although not always possible; we provide our children with the right diet, the country more healthy, peaceful, productive and happy we can step into .

A significant portion of the world's population, is struggling with insufficient and unbalanced nutrition caused by the disease. On the other hand, excessive and unbalanced diet that result obesity (obesity), continues to be a major health problem for many people.
Healthy, balanced and adequate nutrition is very important for our children especially for everyone. Because inadequate and unbalanced fed children, staying back on the physical and mental development, health problems, heavy and long.
sağlıklı beslenme ile ilgili görsel sonucu
Eating habits acquired in childhood lasts a lifetime. The most important feature that distinguishes children from adults is that they are in constant growth process. This process; nutrition, genetics, gender, environmental factors, socio-economic status, are under the influence of various factors, such as culture and traditions. Among the most important are undoubtedly nutrition.

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