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Kaguya-hime Legend

Kaguya-hime Legend

Kaguya-hime is a japanese legend. 

A bamboo cutter was living with his wife and they never had a child. One time when he went to cut a bamboo, a little baby sized as his finger appeared infront of him magically. He took the baby and took her to home. His wife was so happy and the baby grew up so fast.

The other time when the man went to cut some more bamboo he found some pieces of silk fabric. The other day a lot of gold sinked from the bamboo to his hands. He took them to home. He decided to build a house to the baby from those golds and make her dresses from those fabrics. He went to the town and talked with some teachers to teach them how to be a princess.

At the same time the baby grew up so fast. She had so many friends in the place that she lived. One day her dad came to house and took her to the city. She couldn't even say goodbye to her friends.

She started to have lessons about being a princess. She was so rebel and never wanted to be a princess, she behaved bad to her teacher but when some people from the castle came to see her she was showing all of her talents that she didn't show in the class. None of the citizens saw her face and everyone was so curious about her face. Her dad made a ceremony for giving her a name. They gave her the name "Kaguya" which means "radiant night". Her dad wanted from her to marry with someone. She was so beautiful and the most noble 5 person of the country came to see Kaguya-hime. They also haven't seen her face and she offered to marry with them if they could complete the mission that she gave. She was going to get married with the first person who completes the mission. They all failed. The emperor came to see her and tried to take her to his castle while she was busy with something else. She got so pissed off and she wished to live in somewhere else. 

After that day she started to cry every night while looking to the moon and told her parents that she came from the Moon Republic and told them about her wish. The Moon Republic was going to take her back to the Moon. She told a story about another person that wanted to go to the World. There was a woman that came to the World before her and when she came back to Moon she missed the World so much. Kaguya-hime got so curious about the World and they sent Kaguya-hime to world as an punishment so she would always miss the world when she comes back.She never wanted to go back to the Moon. She was in love with the feelings that people had on world. All of those birds, flowers... She begged to the Moon citizens to stay longer but they didn't let her. Her dad put an army all around the house and when the Moon Republic came they all fell asleep. She had to wear a coat that people from the Moon wears but after she wore that she was going to forget about all of her memories about the world. Kaguya hugged her parents, wore the coat went back to moon. She was crying silently.

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